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Dr Rashel Ms Jieyin Soap

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Dr Rashel Ms Jieyin soap 100g — Splyr

Gentle clean, remove dull, restore skin elasticity, shrink pores, anti-aging, avocado pulp, and skin affinity is good, easily absorbed by the skin, the UV has strong absorption, coupled with rich in vitamins and carotene, And thus has a good skincare sunscreen effect


Function Anti Aging; Anti Wrinkle; Moisturizing; Deep Cleaning

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Capacity: 100g

Dr Rashel Ms. Jieyin soap (100g)


Take the right amount, with a small amount of water to play a rich foam after the gentle massage of the face, the secretion of more than the T-shaped parts of the fingers can be carefully massaged with your fingers for more than 10 seconds, and finally washed with warm water. also, you can use it in the shower, because it has thick foam

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